Star of Bethlehem

Вифлеемская звезда

Fancy poinsettia loved in many countries, because it is considered a symbol of bright holiday - the birth of Christ.
This is a great plant for its beauty illuminates the main winter holidays. It is for, that it blooms for the New Year, Christmas looks so spectacularly (Bethlehem) star.
This flower of the family Euphorbiaceae, in their homeland – Mexico - grows up to five feet in height.

Beauty parading

The flowers of this plant are small and barely noticeable, hide their bright bracts - bracts, and that draw attention to themselves. Bracts natural color - red, but today breeders brought varieties with cream, pink and bi-colored shades.

Winter - flowering time

• During this period, you will be poinsettia bright place where the temperature is 15-22 degrees. Should adhere to such rules: the less light reaches the plant, the lower the temperature should be. Otherwise shoots stretch, and leaves turn yellow.
• Water the flower moderately, avoiding waterlogged soil. Sometimes, instead of a regular watering can take this concept: then lower the pot in a bowl of water, yet will not rise to the surface of water bubbles. Then remove the pot and allow the excess fluid to drain through the drain hole.
• Immediately after irrigation, fertilize the plant complex fertilizers.

After the holidays

After flowering poinsettia put in a dark cool place, watering scantily. In the spring, cut the plant to a height 15 см.




Защищаем цветы от зимней засухи


Protect flowers from winter drought

Since the beginning of the heating season in the apartment air becomes very dry, why suffer all extremely houseplants. At this time, it is important to take care of humidification.
Batteries can be placed near the water bowls or purchase miniature indoor fountain - It perfectly enhances moisture.
Perfect solution – put the pot with a flower in a pot larger, filling in the gaps between the walls of expanded clay or moss, which should be periodically moisten.
Useful regularly, several times a day to spray air near their green pets from the sprinkler.

How to preserve the beauty of the leaves dieffenbachia?

Decorative value dieffenbachia – in beautiful variegated leaves, pattern which resembles a sparkling fireworks.


Its most common form - painted dieffenbachia (D.pikta), suffruticosa plant, reaching a height 1,8 m, it differs meaty erect stem and large green leaves, decorated with a pattern of bright spots and strokes. Put a flower in very bright place, as in the shadow of her beautiful variegated pattern disappears. When you work with it, be careful: juice of the plant is poisonous.


Representative of this kind is dieffenbachia Zimmerpflanze. This lush bush green leaves with cream or white pattern along the lateral veins can grow up to 80 см. The plant prefers light and scattered light penumbra. To maintain the beauty of leaves spray them regularly with warm soft water. Weekly dressing substrate liquid fertilizer to make green thick.

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