GIA "Family finances"

How to choose and install a quality roof at a lower price?

Как подобрать и установить качественную кровлю за меньшую цену?

Replacing an old roof with a new one – it is too costly business. Of course, all hosts totally understand about the importance of quality installation, reliable roofing, of which will depend on the warmth and comfort in the house. Соответственно, family can stand in front of an important issue – a quality installation ...

Family finances

Семейный бюджет

Ability to lead the family budget - one of the keys to a happy family life. After all, the lion's share of family conflict is due to financial problems. In order to correctly distribute the available capital in the family, husband and wife must learn to plan the family budget. The presence or absence of ...

Go shopping!!! Part 2

Отправляемся за покупками!!! Часть 2-я

4. Acquisition of the gross - it always economical? Bulk pack or volume appear more profitable, because the unit price is lower, than in conventional stores. But major purchases has its disadvantages. Say, more product causes more of its consumption. If in the closet ten cans ...

Go shopping!!! Part 1

Отправляемся за покупками!!! Часть 1-я

To avoid large expenses due to impulse buying, take note of simple tips: 1. Buy products - and nothing more! • Before you go shopping, eat dense. • drawing up a shopping list, think, which ones are worth doing in the wholesale market or hypermarket, ...

Choosing a profitable deposit

Выбираем выгодный депозит

Banks have begun to raise interest rates on deposits. Быть может, should open a deposit? First increased interest rates on savings bank deposits. This applies to all methods of raising funds from the public - deposits rubles and foreign currency, Savings Certificates, as well as bills for ...

Do not save on medications?

На лекарствах не экономят?

Concern about the health- самое главное. But this does not mean an overpayment for drugs! Ill, even a common cold, immediately notice, graph that "medicine" in the family budget can oust section "Power". However, to reduce the cost of treatment may, without giving up the prescription drugs. Feel ...

Save on repairs kitchen

Экономим на ремонте кухни

The beginning of spring - the best time, to refresh the main room in the house. Our recommendations will help tidy up the kitchen, fast and modern, without spending too much money. If you have a few days off and you are not configured to spend extra money, it is quite ...

Where to get money for study?

Где взять деньги на учебу?

Close can not sponsor your training. Как быть? The many applicants, which did not get the coveted budget places in universities, remains several options for financing education. Loan for education The Bank makes payment to the account of the institution, student receives ...

Bring back my money!

Верните мои деньги!

Бывает, honestly earned money must defend. You should, but do not pay. Often, in such a situation you can not get your, because the person is initially set to a loss of. For example, Sorry to disappoint a friend, and you feel uncomfortable in advance: his "circumstances", ...

Electricity is not wasting

Электричество не тратим зря

How to avoid the loss of electricity using household appliances? Most often, the extra costs of electricity occurs, when appliances idles. Так, например, when using the television in standby mode, it is during the day is spent on it as much energy, ...




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