GIA "Maternity and children"

Tips when choosing diapers

Советы при выборе подгузников

That allows young mums facilitate childcare? Course, it diapers! Modern moms can hardly imagine "era diaper", when the number of washes was difficult to enumerate. But now, when the problem is moved into oblivion, a following: ...

Our little son turned one year old!

Нашему сыночку исполнился годик!

In October, we have a happy year-old child. Our son said first birthday! I very carefully prepared for this celebration, to do everything and not dependent on me, so that the child, Guests, parents all praise holiday. Various photos ...

Colic in infants

Колики у новорожденных

By the second week of life the baby young mothers may be faced with cramps and bloating in the infant. Most often, the child is not sleeping at night, shouts and cries. Not able to watch such torments her baby, they run with them to doctors in search of silver bullet. ...

We need to find a babysitter? Recruiting agency nurses to help!

Надо найти няню? Агентство по подбору нянь в помощь!

In the family, where mom and dad work, question, who will be engaged in the education of the child, comes to the fore. Very often the whole burden of responsibility parents have the older generation. However, shift education on the shoulders of grandparents is not quite right. Во-первых, ...

Choosing a crib for a newborn

Выбираем кроватку для новорожденного

Soon your family will happy event - the baby is born! For this event you are preparing for a very long and carefully. Go final preparations. Choosing Crib! And of course, Last but not least, beautiful bedding set for newborn. From the following link ...

Set of children's cosmetics

Набор детской косметики

Soap, cream and body oil every family buys long before the birth of the baby – as a dowry to the hospital. Soap, cream and body oil every family buys long before the birth of the baby – as a dowry to the hospital. Then, after the crumbs on the light, shelf in the bathroom updated ...

Grow great joy for mum.

Расти большой на радость маме.

Ах, grow and how fast our kids grow up. Родители, обычно, proud of the rapid growth of their children. Although this creates its own problems. Shoes and Clothing, к сожалению, do not wish to grow with your child. And you have to replace it with a new, much earlier, than it is demolished. I recommend a very good ...

Camoe best for the little ones

Cамое лучшее для самых маленьких

Bio-fruits and vegetables - the best for the little ones (mashed Hipp) In the first year of life the baby is growing and developing at an incredible pace: in the first five months of life, body weight doubles, and by the end of the first year tripled. During this period, a structure ...

Us it was time to leave!

Нам расставаться настала пора!

Us it was time to leave! Your life with a toddler has long entered into a groove. Rise, disguise, feeding, stroll, bathing before bedtime… You're having fun playing with the crumbs, sing songs, Show pictures in books, draw with crayons. Mother's Happiness! But for some reason sometimes ...

Respiratory diseases in children

Болезни дыхательных путей у детей

RHINITIS - acute inflammation of the nasal mucosa. The causative agent may be a virus or bacteria, but sometimes can have allergic rhinitis nature. The disease may start from the "tickling" in the nose, chikhaniya, then joins nasal congestion, appears slimy or purulent ...




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