At what age can afford to dye hair girl?

С какого возраста можно позволить девочке окрашивать волосы?

Let's not affect the ethical side of the issue, and consider only the practical part, тем более, teenagers at all times not very thought of Ethics, but simply sought to imitate adults. Do not dwell on the fact, that for the first staining should choose sparing agents, например, such, as proposed by the company lisap buy special paint which is not a problem. Pinpoint exactly the question.

When it is time to emulate the glamorous divas?

Unfortunately, medical research on this topic has not been, and psychologists say, that time the girl had a desire to imitate the mother does not, a woman with a turn of a glossy magazine, you can already start. The girl began to turn into a girl, and it needs to assert itself attributes adulthood, such, as hair coloring. Talk about, that the beauty of a person is not in the hair, and in the shower, as that, that hair dyed, it has not yet become a superstar - useless. You just stumble on offense, that it does not understand. Namely understanding - is the bridge, to help parents and, and the child undergo a difficult period of puberty, maintaining friendship and love.

Convinced, that the dye my hair - it's a strong desire teenager, and not a fad, caused by a momentary desire to influence or girlfriends, mother is obliged to take an active part in the process. Choose with her daughter a new color, viewing with the same magazines. This is not to impose their views, but meekly accept her daughter should not be. Представьте, that you are discussing a new image with his girlfriend, but not with its own child.

Take the girl in the interior, to the master, you trust. Он, As a specialist, will select the least traumatic means. А, может быть, even persuade young fashionistas only toned natural shade or restrict color bangs. Master - not my mother, it can be and to listen.

Accept the idea, is called, "Hostility" is possible only in one case - if the child is allergic. But even then it is not necessary to dwell on a simple ban. Try to bring a child, that we are talking about his health, rather than your whim. Try to reach a compromise, может быть, your daughter want mascara for hair? Or light toning folk remedies?

Do not take a girl growing up as a personal tragedy. You too were once at her age. Вспомните, how much you have caused resentment adults. It now they look ridiculous, ridiculous and far-fetched. And then?

С какого возраста можно позволить девочке окрашивать волосы?

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