Hairstyles for long hair

Прически на длинные волосы

There are many ways to create hairstyles for long hair. Over time varies by different fashion trends and parameters of female beauty. In the trend and have short haircuts, and long curly locks, but at all times a strong position in a variety of hairstyles, безусловно, held Spit. Beautiful Spit, there will always be a good option as every day, and for holidays and other celebrations. Разумеется, best braid will look for healthy and beautiful hair. Therefore, owners of insufficient length of hair, we can recommend the use of nicotinic acid to accelerate their growth. How to apply nicotinic acid, can be found in the instructions for use.

As mentioned above, There are numerous options for creating hairstyles using braids, as well as a selection option for hair tresses according to the type of face. So owner oval face and thick long hair, could well afford any hairstyle with braids. Round face more suitable options, which begin just above the top of the head and trudge along the entire length. Square face fit so-called Dragon Spit. Она, как правило, trudges through the middle of the head and then gradually becomes a normal braid. Flowing lines, created through a spit, smooth out some of the contours of the face. Cos ear, with long bangs will look advantageously with a triangular face, and the classic fish tail that will suit owners of rectangular shapes.

The most popular positions in a variety of hairstyles from Kos, безусловно, ear, took. For weaving a braid long hair must ensure that, that hair were clean and well combed. Simple technique of weaving. Hair combed back, then separated from the forehead one strand, which is divided into three strands of smaller. Further woven braid plain, which gradually add the remaining mass of curls. In the bottom of the neck can be tied ponytail, or continue normal weaving braids. Both options usually look just fine.

No less popular is the so-called French braid. Starting her weaving, must be well-combed hair and dividing them into strands. After preparing the hair, you must select a single strand and divide it into three parts. Then through the middle strand need to throw a piece of hair from the right and the left part of the hair. While you do the same action, adding to these parts of the new strands of hair. Special attention should be paid to the size of the strands, will depend on the accuracy created hairstyles. Braid or ponytail neat finish beam by means of pins.

This is the most common options for hairstyles of braids, but adding some effort and imagination, You can easily create a unique and memorable image.

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