Conquest of the Spanish market premium brands

Покорение премиум-рынка испанскими брендами

While still unknown brand in Spain, Natura Bisse succeeded triumphantly enter the U.S. market, offering leadership of the New York high-end boutique Bergdorf Goodman deal to open a beauty salon. This move was followed by the whole family of the founder of the brand in the city skyline with a plan to implement such a practice is not uninteresting and vital project for them. Natura Bisse Сегодня – one of the most recognized brands in the U.S. luxury cosmetics.

Even before, in the 80s of the last century, Partners brand Carrera y Carrera decided to open a branch in Miami, thereby laying the foundation for the development of its international recognition. В дальнейшем, brand gained status as the only Spanish brand precious jewelry, submitted by Japan to the United States and occupies leading positions in sales in Russia. Кстати, Russian, ignoring important jewelery connoisseurs, called Saggega Spanish Faberge.

Another example of Puig's group with a simple path traveled by the creator of spirits to a large holding of luxury brands. Gradually and skillfully gaining momentum of growth, conglomerate attracted to its ranks brands, managed to further create fragrances, in many respects superior to their predecessors. Due to its strongly pronounced vocation to the premium- sector, a Spanish association is still the owner of such well-known brands, как Nina Ricci, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Carolina Herrera Paco Rabanne и.

These are some examples of Spanish brands (also does not leave you in the side of Pedro Garcia and Tous), which clearly prove, that when the moment comes to think of such a great, as international recognition, Spain is fully capable to show the world a powerful tool for the creation of creativity and prosperity of luxury brands.

А, может быть, market for luxury goods for personal use – not the best idea, our? Может быть, we are on the eve of the conquest of the premium- market, and it happens with other product categories? Are we not convinced another example of our fellow, such brilliant converter, how Ferro Adria, передающего с обложки the New York Times, What are the main luxury is in the gastronomy and fine dining? But three of the top ten best restaurants are located in Spain. And some domestic products, к примеру, «jamon iberico», have become part of international terminology gourmet. Ferrand proved to all of us, that there should be no barriers, no excuses; creativity and commitment to excellence, – these are the main ingredients for success. It is true, that consumer, in search of the best, There is no concept of "far". But, I also would not leave without attention to all of the above factors. Prerequisite for owning luxury is calling to worldwide recognition from the initial moment.

"Beauty does not its owner happy, namely that, who is able to love her and worship. " (Hermann Hesse, Swiss writer of German origin).

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