A new look at the closet

Новый взгляд на чулан

A new look at the closet

"Store", "Cupboard under the stairs ..." These words blowing dust, grandmother's house and the old things. "This room - all the lost and lonely dwelling spiders mice", - Likely, just so people will think, living in an apartment with contemporary interior. And he will be wrong. Pantry benefit can not be overstated. Setting here metal shelving, you get rid of things, that interfere, but are so sorry to throw. Понятно, we all take a "dark room" as a place, where hidden junk. However, this is not all the functions, it can perform.

Cabinet or closet?

Во-первых, why did not revise all their belongings and get rid of junk, which has the property every year to increase? With a light heart rasstantes with it and use the pantry, как:

  • study - a mini-workshop. If you are an artist, designer, hendmeyschik, it involves working with paints, Glue, cans, and you do not want to smear new carpet or furniture splash colored drops. Pantry - nothing workshop-cabinet? Table, стул, several shelves - that's all. In return you get silence and solitude;
  • home library. This option is suitable for avid knigomanov, who do not miss an opportunity to buy at the store a couple of books. Set in the pantry shelf or cabinet, drag the chair here. What is not a comfortable place to read? Here you can also store documents, photo albums and other;
  • Новый взгляд на чуланdressing room. Modern shelving - a place for hangers - and now all your laundry, Dresses, outerwear and shoes will be in one place. This dressing room where a spacious wardrobe, besides, you can change right here;
  • traditional pantry. Nutritional dents and their zakatki solenья.
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