A few tips for, to grow long and thick hair

Несколько советов о том, как отрастить длинные и густые волосы :: Типичные девчёнки

Безусловно, long and thick hair is the main decoration of every woman. In this case, the main,to make them look healthy and well groomed. To grow long hair, there are several ways.

Во-первых, need to get rid of dry hair and split ends, if there is a problem. To do this, delete the funds for hair care, silicone-containing, as it wraps around the hair and scalp, and does not allow them to breathe.

In addition, thanks to him, the hair starts to electrify and pushitsya. Usually referred to as silicones -silane, -ane, -thiconol, -one. Во-вторых, if the hair fall out, something out of it, too, need to get rid.

To overcome this problem perfectly help onion juice. To do this, two large onions scroll in a meat grinder and filtered through cheesecloth, to separate the juice from the pulp. Onion juice should be rubbed into the hair roots and cover your head with a towel.

Two hours later, all you can safely wash. Так же важно, that hair was shiny and smooth. This can be achieved very simply. Enough every day to make linseed oil for a month in the morning on a tablespoon.

It also has beneficial effects on the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Will still be useful to rinse hair with various broths. For dark hair is preferable to use oak bark, hop, mother and stepmother and nettle.

Blonde hair is well suited decoction of chamomile and sweet flag root. Rinse hair should be only when completely dried after washing, as wet a lot worse absorb nutrients.

Good effect on hair shine aromaraschesyvanie The procedure is quite simple and does not require large expenditures of time and money. To do this, a wooden comb need to apply a little essential oil and comb her hair.

The oil can be selected at its discretion. To that it will be a good prevention against the tip section. If your hair is greasy, then the procedure is better not to aromaraschesyvaniya.

The above methods are well will contribute to the growth and strengthening of hair. The choice of means for hair care better focus not on price, and the quality of. It is worth mentioning, that the desired effect can only be achieved with regular use of the above methods. If you use them “occasionally” any results achieved will not work.

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