Women's fashion accessories fall-winter season 2013-2014

Accessories are top aides of women in creating stylish and fashionable image. Even the simplest autumn coat may well revive stylish scarf, and wearing elegant belt, Transform you instantly modest pants.

Not necessarily change their entire wardrobe to prepare for the new season, it will be enough to pick up a few basic things and supplement their stylish accessories. After all, the right accessories will transform your image, make it stylish and fashionable. Рассмотрим, what accessories are trendy this season.

Women gloves and varezhki.V autumn and winter mittens and gloves must-have accessory of every woman. Gloves can protect your pen from the cold and wind and complement your look. You can pick up a long leather gloves, satin or thin cotton perfectly suited to fur coats and coats with cropped sleeves.

If you outerwear long sleeve, then you can choose for themselves the classical length gloves.
The most common and popular colors of gloves and mittens this season will be gray, коричневые, black and white.

Women's belts new sezona.Hit new season – metal belt, that resemble a corset of several rings. This belt can be worn with a dress and coat, coat. This belt draws attention to the waist and make you a much slimmer.

Classic leather belt remains at the peak of popularity. Belt buckle with bright wash away perfectly decorate modest dress. Thin leather belt and perfectly fit dress and pants, this zone is very relevant in the office.

Fashion scarves and shawls new season. Neither the autumn-winter period is not without shawls and scarves. If there are several different color and style shawls and scarves, you can change their images. Sufficiently relevant to segodnyamnogotsvetnye scarves of silk or polyester.

In winter scarf can be replaced by a scarf or LIC. Very relevant to today's models of natural or artificial fur.

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