Revolving doors

Specialized revolving doors are now very common among office, production areas or places where large numbers of people. Using this type of control allows the flow of people, allows you to make the room more secure and practical. That's why you also should pay attention to the fact, which door is installed in the room right now, and that you could get from her replacement. On the market today there are two types of revolving doors, you can buy automated or manual models. Modern карусельные двери revolving doors manual type are the more simple and by low-cost. View additional information about the revolving doors can be here. The principle of operation here is, that person will be independently pull one blade and this will lead to a rotation of the entire structure, а значит, open access into the premises. The door of this type installed in a small office, where there is no need for constant energy expenditure of rotation, and the installation of a more expensive version with automation is not profitable.

Better revolving doors avtomatičeskogo type are the složnymi View the movements. They are also divided into two types on the basis of their work. The client can get an automatic door with motion sensor. The principle of operation of such a product is, that after approaching the door person will react to it and start to rotate. Such a construction there set, where there is a very high passing efficiency or she is, only at certain time intervals (morning all go to work, night out with the office, etc.). The second type is set there, where traffic is always observed. Such a model always rotates, rotates very slowly, about one rotation per minute, that allows a person to always get inside without any problems. You simply select the option, which is most suitable solutions to your problems and needs. This door is not expensive, and if you choose a product with manual rotation mechanism, if not receive substantial savings. However, such products increases the safety of the structure and operation of facilities makes more pleasant.

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