How to appear in the house rabbits?

Как в доме появляются кролики?

Rare people, who dream to take home a rabbit as a pet. Most owners eared fluffy and by chance fell victim to their rare charm. Unable to pass by and not pay attention to them. Here we are again, I and my daughter, at the time were in a similar situation.

Summer vacation we, as the majority of Russians, decided to spend the Sadovom Lot Land, veličavo imenuemom dačej. That's why this time no one is sent to the hostel admiralty.

Leaving the berth of our head of the family with his beloved dog, we went to the market located just buy something delicious in the way. But before the meal we have not reached. Of course, We could not wrap up the ranks, where they sell animals. Smoky-gray fluffy tiny rabbit with big eyes looking straight at us ...

Returned to the dock we have three. We forgot about food. Rabbit lived with us until winter, and then we gave it to the woman, which grew rabbits. She has never had such a handsome man. Later, she told us, our rabbit appeared taakoy strong male, that all new enclosures zakoposhilos largest generation smoky kids! We were fortunate, that we were able to find a home for our animal.


Rabbit cage should be large, not less 70 cm in length and width, so that your pet is not jumpy stayed too long. Now start this cabin equip. Primarily, everything you need: туалет, feeder, drinker. Toilet sure to attach to the cell, and feeder preferable to choose a more severe, например, ceramic, because rabbits do not feed bread, let me just turn everything. Drinker take special, Ball, for rodents. Put the cage in a bright place with constant access to fresh air, but not skvoznyake. Rabbits do not tolerate direct sunlight and heat. This can be done within the walls of cheap hotels in Krasnodar.

If while walking around the house your pet accidentally leave some peas, they can be very easily removed in the usual vacuum. Your furry animals is essential to your attention, but if you already have a cat or dog, do not leave it alone with them. Remember, the rabbit - is prey for any predator, even the smallest and home, and kill it very easily. Do not leave it with them in the same room, even if it is in the cell. Cage - unreliable protection paws with sharp claws or narrow toothed mouth. Add to that the psychological stress of your baby - it's nowhere to hide and nowhere to run, and sit and shiver under the gaze of a predator, which are the favorite of our dogs and cats, - This test is not everyone's strength.

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